Meet Our Staff

The Cape Arrowhead Horses


Birthday – March 6, 1994
Color – Flea Bitten Grey


Birthday – June 8, 2003
Color – Bay


The Girl Scouts donated Shawnee to Cape Arrowhead several years ago, she works with the Rebecca’s Riders team.


Birthday – June 3, 2006
Color – Chestnut


Skipper was one of the first horses to work in our Warriors in Transition, he belonged to a Vietnam Veteran who was in our first class.


Birthday – 1993
Color – Palomino

Help Support our Mission to Help Those in Need.

Cape Arrowhead's Mission is  to improve the quality of life for Veterans and individuals with special needs. We accomplish this primarily through counseling and the use of therapy horses. Whether your gift is financial or through donating your time, every gift is appreciated.

To volunteer, call 573-778-1210We would love to get to know you and introduce you to our programs.